Hardwood Floor Care

Caring for wooden floors

Hardwood Flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to take care of and we  recommend the following:

  •  Vacuum the Hardwood Flooring at least weekly using a soft bristle brush.
  • Wiping up any spills as soon as possible, allowing any liquids to sit and seep into the seams of the wood over time can cause discoloration or delamination.
  • Taking care when moving furniture, using felt feet on all your furniture which will protect your hardwood flooring.
  • Placing good bristle mats at all entrances to collect dirt, grit and moisture which could get ground into the surface of the hardwood floors finish and damage the hardwood floors.
  • Never wet mopping any hardwood flooring as the water can seep down between the seams of the boards causing the boards edges to cup upward and cause delamination or discoloration.
  • Never using any type of steamer on your hardwood flooring as it will damage the wood and possibly cause the finish to peel off.
  • Cleaning your floor only with a damp – not – wet- mop. Wring it almost dry so it feels only slightly damp to the touch, then buff with a clean soft cloth.

What can I do if the finish becomes dull?

Buffing and re-coating freshens up floors and extends the periods between sanding back to bare wood and lacquering. The frequency with which floors need buffing or sanding services depend on the amount of traffic a floor is subjected to.

Image of Oak Wood Floor with pile of children's wooden blocks
Image of Ash Wood Floor fitted in sitting room. Image contain black piano, red and white plaid patterned armchair and foot stool
Image of Oak Wood Floor on which pile of hard backed books are placed

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

If Hard floor surfaces are in need of cleaning we recommend the following :

A step back mopping system.

For best results use with Bio Kleen Multi Surface Cleaner and Sanitiser product which can be used on any surface washable with water. It will clean and disinfect the surface.

Step Back Mopping System Package includes

1 Telescopic Mop

2 Large Waffle Floor Cloths

Step 1: Adjust the telescopic mop to your required height. Rotate the handle to the left to unlock, extend the handle to the required height*, rotate the handle to the right to lock into this height.

*We would recommend you increase the height to just above the users head. This allows the mop to be used vertically and eliminates the strain on your back associated with conventional mopping systems.

Step 2: Preparing the Floor Cloths

For a typical domestic floor you would use 2 waffle floor cloths. For an industrial sized floor you would use 6 waffle floor cloths. Dampen the cloths to be used, they must be left slightly moist, do not wring out completely

Step 3: Using the Cloths & Mop Together

Place the waffle floor cloth on the floor to be cleaned. The base of your telescopic mop is designed to stick to the cloth. Place the mop onto the front area of the cloth (shown in diagram as Mop Position 1)mop-positions

Proceed to mop the floor, move the mop to position 2,3,4 as required by placing your feet on either side of the cloth. This will leave the cloth on the floor as you raise the mop. When you have moved through the 4 positions, turn the cloth over and repeat the procedure.

Step 4: For future use you can launder the cloths up to 500 times.


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Pile of Waffle Floor Cloths in pink, blue, yellow and green
Floor mop placed on green waffle floor cloth
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